Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 28
The Capture of Belros Dragonsbane

Laremmi activated the teleporter. The room shimmered and faded from Belros’s view. There was a faint popping sound as the party instantly dematerialized.

An instant later a new room appeared before them. Some sort of shrine by the look of it. A large altar stood in the center of the circular chamber. Once a holy place, it had been desecrated and then rededicated to Tiamat. At least a half dozen cultists and mages filled the room performing a dark ritual to the dragon queen.

Immediately Belros rushed from the platform toward the nearest foe. Almost effortlessly he cut the man down, barely slowing as he ran deeper into the chamber. With a flourish he spun his massive blade overhead and brought it down on the second cultist, splitting his skull in twain, splattering brains and bone in all directions.

A crazed looking mage bearing the robes and tattoos of a Red Wizard of Thay flashed out deft, spindly fingers toward Belros. The mighty fighter felt his muscles and joints stiffen. Struggle as he might, he was unable to move!

A second wizard pointed to Agatar who was still standing on the teleport circle with the rest of the party.

“Teleport!”, commanded the wizard.

Agatar, unable to fight off the magical compulsion, reached up and activated the rune. Belros watched helplessly as his companions disappeared from the room.

Blast after blast of intense magical fire slammed into Belros, scorching his flesh and knocking him to his knees. Finally, as he started to lose consciousness he glimpsed the dark wizards approaching him with evil intent in their eyes. He caught the words “Tiamat” and “sacrifice” before succumbing to the darkness.

While in Waterdeep and attending the Council, the party received a letter from a cultist named Iskander. The letter claimed that Iskander was in possession of the Blue Dragon Mask and wanted to turn the mask over to the party in exchange for their help in leaving the cult. Suspecting a trap, but unable to pass up the chance to recover another mask, the party set off for Xonthal’s Tower where Iskander claimed to be, along with other members of the cult.

The tower was over a century old. It’s enigmatic creator had long passed into legend. Somehow the Cult of the Dragon had claimed the tower and were using it as a base of operation.

The first obstacle to entering the tower was the magical hedge maze encircling it. The maze could not be bypassed by flying over it or cutting through it. It had to be successfully navigated which was no easy feat. The party faced a few challenges along the way but through strong arms and sharp minds, managed to make their way through the maze and into the tower.

Inside the tower, they found the only way to traverse its various floors was through the use of a teleport circle on each floor. Symbols on a nearby panel seemed keyed to the destinations and, when activated, teleported anyone on the circle to the associated location.

The party explored two floors with relative ease, just encountering and dispatching with a handful of cultists. However, the third floor proved to be quite different. It appeared to be a shrine rededicated for use by the cult in their worship of Tiamat. As soon as party appeared, Belros sprang from the circle toward the nearest group of cultists. He dispatched them easily. However, two Red Wizards of Thay quickly acted. The first magically paralyzed Belros with a “Hold Person” spell. The second used “Command” to command Agatar to activate the sundial symbol which teleported the rest of the party to the beginning of the hedge maze.

The remaining wizards and cultists quickly took down the paralyzed Belros while the rest of the party tried to make their way back to the tower as quickly as possible.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 9

With a flash, Agatar suddenly disappeared and was replaced by Garret. Garrett and Laremmi continued to explore the first level of the Dodecahedron. They encountered more yuan-ti, as well as ankhegs, and a gibbering mouther. They also located a set of stairs presumably leading down to a second level.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 8

As the battle raged, a loud crack rang out. The courtyard in the castle seemed to open up, swallowing everyone and everything within the castle. Laremmi and Agatar found themselves drifting through the multiverse for an indeterminate amount of time. Eventually they awoke in a chamber of black metal with a 12 sided metal sculpture sitting on a pedestal. As they inspected it, the ghostly image of a skull with ruby eyes appeared. It claimed to be the demi-lich Acererak, who had reached out across the multiverse to trap the heroes in it’s multidimensional dungeon.

Agatar, and Laremmi seemed to be alone, the other members of the party nowhere to be found.

Looking for a way out, the duo encountered Yuan-Ti, mimics, flesh covered walls that spewed acid, and deadly guillotine traps.

What was happening, and would they ever find their way back to the castle in time to stop the cults plans? Only time would tell. Somewhere in the multiverse Acererak was laughing maniacally.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 7

After clearing out Rezmir’s tower, the party agreed to follow Snapjaw to the tower used by the members of the Scaly Death tribe that were allowed to live within the castle. There, in the dead of night, they explained the plan to the tribe members and got their agreement to help. The tribe revealed that they had already stockpiled some weapons to use in a planned revolt against the bullywugs. They also made it clear that their fight was primarily with the bullywugs and didn’t hold any ill will toward The Cult of the Dragon. In fact, they were especially fond of Dralmorrer Borngray.

From there, the party headed to the tower being used by many of the lesser ranking cultists for their chambers. They slipped from room to room as most of the occupants slept either dispatching them before they could wake or ambushing them. As the battle in the tower heated up, Agatar let loose a flaming arrow from one of the tower’s windows and the battle for the castle began.

Quickly the party headed back to the courtyard to assist the lizardfolk. A well placed fireball from Laremmi set the bullywug’s chambers ablaze killing many of them instantly. However, many more came streaming out joining the battle. The sounds of fighting echoed chaotically in the night and the loud beating of a drum could be heard from the gate as the guards there sounded the alarm.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 6

The captured lizard man identified himself as Snapjaw a member of the Scaly Death tribe. He claimed the tribe were servants of the cultists located in Castle Naerytar, a situation they were not happy with since the cult had elevated the bullywugs above the lizardfolk.

As they were talking an uneasy feeling came over the group and they felt as if they were being stalked. Suddenly, an enormous black dragon erupted from the black waters of the mere. Acidic saliva dripped from its maw, sizzling on the ground and water. Menacingly, it declared that it was Voaraghamanthar, the Black Death, Lord of the Mere. After learning that the party was on the trail of the the cultists, Voaraghamanthar proposed an alliance.

The dragon claimed that a high ranking cultists known as a Wearer of Purple had recently rediscovered the nearby castle and claimed to worship Voaraghamanthar. This cultists was none other than the female black half-dragon warrior, Rezmir. It seems that Rezmir discovered two artifacts within the Castle; the Black Dragon Mask and the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder. Voaraghmanthar was displeased at Rezmir’s decision to elevate the bullywugs above the Scaly Death tribe which had always been loyal to the dragon. However, for reason he wouldn’t explain, he could not oppose the cult directly. He asked the party to retrieve the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder and in exchange the dragon would encourage the lizardfolk to rise up against the bullywugs. The dragon also marked Snapjaw as his speaker so that the tribe would follow his lead.

After the dragon slipped back into the water, the party grabbed some nearby canoes and began paddling their way through the mere toward the castle with Snapjaw in tow. Along the way Snapjaw explained that the castle was the home of several cultists as well as many bullywugs and lizardfolk. The bullywugs were lead by a shaman named Pharblex Spattergoo while the lizardfolk’s leader, Sun Caller, had recently been killed by Rezmir. He also explained that the lizarfolk’s main job was to transport treasure from the roadhouse to the castle. From there, the cultists organized and repacked the treasure and moved it into the crypt below the castle. Rezmir’s second in command at the castle was an elf named Dralmorrer Borngray, the one cultist that seemed to sympathize with the lizarfolk, going so far as to try and teach the tribe how to work metal.

Eventually the party reached the castle. First they met with the members of the Scaly Death tribe that lived outside the walls. They convinced the tribe to watch for their sign, a flaming arrow. When seen, the tribe was to rise up against the bullywugs. Meanwhile the party would sneak into the castle disguised as cultists.

The lizardfolk briefed the party on the layout of castle, pointing out towers belonging to Rezmir, Dralmorrer, and Pharblex.

That evening the party headed to the main gate dressed as members of the cult. The gate was heavily guarded by bullywugs and giant frogs, but the ruse worked and they did not confront the infiltrators. From there the party headed to Rezmir’s tower.

The party worked diligently to clear out the tower. Inside they found a shrine to Tiamat, and well stocked library, and Rezmir’s personal chambers. They dealt swiftly and quietly with the cultists that were on guard and explored the rest of the chambers. In the library they recovered the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder but did not let Snapjaw know. As Belros Dragonsbane explored Rezmir’s personal chambers, he set off a vicious trap that doused himself, Garret, and all the contents in the room in acid, wounding the heroes and destroying anything of value in the room.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 5

Garret Goodbarrel remained hidden and invisible in the storeroom as around a dozen lizardfolk entered from a secret door in the floor. The lizardfolk set to work inspecting the crates and moving all of those that Bog Luck had marked with an ‘x’ to the tunnel below. Eventually they finished their work and slunk back through the trap door they had entered.

Meanwhile there was a knock on the door to the party’s chamber. Answering it they found the road crew foreman, Aldred Briferhew, looking quite nervous and asking to speak to them. He confessed to lying to them the day before on the road when Garret had asked if any caravans had come from the north. He said that he believed that members of The Cult of the Dragon had infiltrated the roadhouse and the work crews and wasn’t sure who to trust. He also claimed to have heard strange noises coming from the storeroom during the nights after a caravan had arrived. Finally, he told them about rumors of the cult taking over the ancient Castle Naerytar some 2 days travel west from the roadhouse in the Mere of Dead Men.

The party assured Aldred that they would look into the matter. Seeming to be satisfied, Aldred took his leave but was immediately shot down from multiple arrows as he exited the room. Out in the courtyard the half-orc, Bog Luck, and several of the roadhouse crew waited, weapons in hand. There was a fierce battle but the party won out. Investigating the bodies they were able to confirm that they had indeed been attacked by The Cult of the Dragon. They also found a talisman bearing the symbol of Tiamat on the half-orc.

Garret reported what he had seen in the storeroom and the party resolved themselves to descend into the tunnel and track down the lizardfolk who seemed to also be in league with The Cult of the Dragon.

The tunnel traveled to the west for several hundred feet before emerging into the mere. Twisted visitation, black fetid water, and strange bestial noises greeted them. They saw a path through the mere marked ahead and found evidence that a group of lizardfolk had come this way recently.

After a difficult journey they arrived at a small camp just as evening was coming on. About a dozen lizardfolk gathered in the camp organizing the crates taken from the roadhouse. The party ambushed the lizard men, keeping one alive for questioning.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 4

From Thundertree the party headed back to Neverwinter with the dragon’s head in tow. Back in the city, they found that Lord Neverember had set sail to Waterdeep. However, a message was left to the party asking them to meet Sildar Hallwinter at the Sleeping Dog tavern.

At the tavern they found Sildar who introduced them to Ontharr Frume and Leosin Erlanthar, members of The Order of the Gauntlet and The Harpers respectively. The three explained that they were instructed by their orders to form a Quiet Council to organize investigations into the recent activities of The Cult of the Dragon. To that end, they had a request for the party. From what little information that had been gathered, it seemed that the cult was moving the treasure they had stolen from the sacked towns into the Mere of Dead Men. They wanted the party to track the caravans into the mere, find out what the cult’s true plans were, and kill Rezmir, the warrior that had led the attack on Phandalin. Having agreed to undertake this task, the party set out making preparations.

Garret first checked in on Hektar Goodpick and confirmed that a caravan of provisions had set out for Phandalin as requested. Then he used his criminal contacts to meet up with Jamna Gleamsilver, an agent of The Zhentarim. She confirmed that the Zhentarim were also concerned about the cult’s activities and were considering allying themselves with the other orders in response. Garret asked her to help set up logging operations in Thundertree to supply lumber for rebuilding the towns. She agreed to dispatch some guards to the ruined town to watch over the location until proper operations could be established.

That evening, Agatar spent a bit of coin buying rounds in the tavern and getting to know the locals. Before long he had the stories and drink flowing freely and the locals had come to think highly of him, even referring to him as the Lord of Thundertree with some encouragement from Garret. During the carousing the party learned that folks were generally pleased with Lord Neverember and the progress he had made in rebuilding Neverwinter. Although some questioned whether or not it was right for him to hold the titles for both Waterdeep and Neverwinter. They also learned of the Carnath Roadhouse, a staging area for supplies and men for rebuilding the High Road in the Mere of Dead Men. Any caravans passing through the mere would surely have to stop there. Many folk warned to be on the lookout for Voaraghamanthar the Black Death. An ancient black dragon that ruled over the mere.

The next morning the party headed south toward the mere. The trip down through Leilon was uneventful. The journey through the mere was another story. As warned, the road was in utter ruin thanks to the encroachment of the waters from the marsh. Soon they found themselves wading in waist deep murky waters as gnarled and twisted trees rose overhead. That evening they were attacked by a strange mass of writhing tentacles. The tentacles rose up around them, wrapping their slimy trunks around the heroes and threatening to crush the life out of them. Eventually the party won out and drove the creature off.

Shortly after that encounter the party stopped to make camp for the night. What would have been otherwise a dangerous and uncomfortable arrangement was made quite pleasant thanks to Laremmi’s casting of Leomund’s Tiny Hut.

The next day they came across a crew of workers repairing the road and the soldiers guarding them. Their foreman claimed that no carvans had come from the north and did not seem to know anything about the cultists.

Later, they finally arrived at Carnath Roadhouse. A caravan from the south laden with tools and supplies for rebuilding the road. The party approached the half-orc barking out orders. He called himself Bog Luck and agreed to house the party for the evening in exchange for some manual labor. The party helped unload the wagons and noted the locked door in warehouse and the strange jingle of metal in some of the crates.

Later the workers gathered in the common room for some dinner served up by Gristle Pete. There they came to be suspicious of some of the merchants and their guards that seemed to keep to themselves. Agatar boldly approached the group and asked some rather pointed questions until Gristle Pete shooed everyone out for the evening.

Once the night had quieted down, Garret snuck out of their room and into the warehouse aided by an invisibility spell from Laremmi. There he found Bog Luck marking some of the crates with an ‘x’ in chalk and moving them into the locked storeroom. Garret followed Bog Luck into the storeroom and ended up getting locked inside alone. That gave him the opportunity he needed to inspect the crates. Inside he found silver dishes, goblets, urns, and other valuables that were quite out of place in the mere. Most likely the goods stolen from the towns pillaged by the cultists. As he investigated, he heard a creak behind him. A trap door was pushed aside and the scaly form of a lizard man climbed out, followed by several others.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 3

After rescuing the young girl, Kat, Belros, Laremmi, and Tordek emerged from the Neverwinter Wood. They relayed the story of their adventure and shared some of the considerable treasure they found from the troll’s lair.

The party then continued their journey back to Phandalin with the rescued townsfolk in tow. Along the way many of the travelers expressed unease and claimed to see the green dragon, Venomfang, in the sky. By the third day the unease and the dragon seemed to be gone.

When they arrived in Phandalin they found that Sildar Hallwinter had started organizing the clean up efforts. Around half of the town’s structures had been destroyed in the attack and half its inhabitants had been killed.

The party donated a large sum of money to the safe keeping of Sildar to help rebuild the town and start up the mining operations in Wave Echo Cave. Nundro Rockseeker also pledged to take up the cause of his brother, Gundren, in getting the mine up and running.

Meanwhile Garret Goodbarrel checked in on The Miner’s Exchange and learned that Halia Thornton had been killed in the attack. He also managed to recover a magic ring of protection that he had given her previously.

The party then pledged to head to Thundertree and bring back the head of the dragon that helped destroy the town. Sildar advised them to make a stop at Neverwinter along the way and send a caravan of provisions to the town. He also gave them a sealed letter and told them to seek an audience with Dagult Neverember, The Lord Protector of Neverwinter and Open Lord of Waterdeep as well as a member of The Lords’ Alliance.

On the journey to Neverwinter the party came across a merchant caravan that had been completely wiped out. Evidence at the site indicated that this was also the doing of The Cult of the Dragon.

In Neverwinter, Garret took to the streets to see what he could learn of The Zhentarim. Although he uncovered no solid leads, he did get the impression that folks were uneasy when discussing what he had assumed was simply a merchant guild. The organization was often referred to as The Black Network. He did manage to identify Halia Thornton’s main contact for moving provisions into Phandalin, a dwarf merchant named Hektar Goodpick. Garret struck up a deal with Hektar to set up a delivery of supplies to Phandalin as well as establishing himself as a new middle man between Hektar and the town’s miners.

Meanwhile Belros and the other party members used Sildar’s note to secure an audience with Lord Dagult Neverember who happened to be in Neverwinter at the time. He praised them on their efforts so far to help Phandalin. He confirmed that reports were coming in of other attacks by The Cult of the Dragon. The cult seemed to be well organized and had secured the help of some dragons that had been previously dormant. In each attack they had pillaged the town or village and made off with most of the valuables. Their actual plan had yet to be uncovered however. Lord Neverember also pledged 5 veteran soldiers from the town’s militia to help kill the green dragon.

The party continued to Thundertree. There they found that the druid Reidoth had been killed, apparently by cultists. They headed up the hill to the ruined tower and lair of the green dragon, Venomfang. With help from the soldiers, the party took down the dragon and at least partially avenged Phandalin. They also recovered the dragon’s modest horde. Unfortunately Agatar discovered that they were too late to save his precious horse, Bessie, as it had been eaten by the dragon.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 2

The party and the rescued townsfolk turned back south toward Phandalin. They made camp on the first evening of their journey not far from the edge of the Neverwinter Wood. As the camp preparations were being made, a scream rang out from the east in the direction of the wood.

A young girl, Kat, had wandered into the woods chasing some mysterious lights. Belros, Laremmi, and Tordek went after her while Garret and Agatar stayed behind to guard the townsfolk.

The lights led the group deeper into the forest as did the occasional screams of the young girl. They fought their way through giant spiders and will-o-wisps before finally tracking her down to a troll cave. After dispatching the troll they discovered a small treasure horde from its previous victims. They gathered up the girl and the treasure and headed back to the camp.

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 1

After securing Wave Echo Cave, the party headed back toward Phandalin. Their hearts were somewhat burdened by the fact that Glasstaff and Nezznar – The Black Spider had escaped with the prisoners Nundro Rockseeker and Qelline Alderleaf.

While camping in the foothills of the Sword Mountains they saw an orange glow over the horizon toward Phandalin which lay some 12 hours away.

The next day when they arrived in Phandalin they found that the town had been partially destroyed and many of the townsfolk had been slaughtered. Sildar Hallwinter explained that while they were gone a raiding party had attacked the town, made off with most of the valuables, and taken some of the townsfolk as prisoners. The raiders appeared to be members of The Cult of the Dragon. The leader of the band was a half black dragon female named Rezmir. Nezznar and Glasstaff were also among the raiders. Most disturbingly, however, the attackers were aided by the young green dragon, Venomfang, from Thundertree.

The party also learned that Agatar’s fiance and mother of his unborn child Elsa Stonehill had been killed in the attack along with Gundren Rockseeker.

The main force had headed west along the Triboar Trail towards the High Road. However, a smaller band including Glasstaff and the dragon had headed north with the prisoners toward Thundertree. Among the prisoners were Qelline, Nundro, and Pip Alderleaf. The Pip that the group thought they had previously rescued turned out to be a doppelganger that had died during the attack.

Sildar asked the party to head north to rescue the prisoners. In the meantime he would contact The Lords’ Alliance and see if there was any more news.

The party headed north with great haste and finally came upon the caravan as it made camp for the night. Thankfully the dragon was not with them but Glasstaff was, along with a male half blue dragon. The party wiped out the cultists, rescued the prisoners, and decided to escort them back to Phandalin.


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