Dagult Neverember

Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lord Protector of Neverwinter


Lord Neverember holds many impressive titles and looks the part. He is tall, broad-shouldered, has a thick beard and a wild mane of auburn hair along with a forceful manner. He is rarely seen without a glass of strong spirits.

He is known to demand order and reward discipline. He is also pragmatic and driven by results above all else.


Lord Neverember holds the titles of Open Lord of Waterdeep and Lord Protector of Neverwinter. Although a capable leader some whisper that it is inappropriate for one person to hold the titles of two of the region’s major cities.

He has been tireless in his efforts to rebuild Neverwinter in the wake of the eruption of Mount Hotenow a few decades ago. Recently, he has been focused on trying to rebuild the road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter which has fallen into disrepair thanks to the encroaching waters of the Mere of Deadmen.

Along with these titles, Neverember is also a member of The Lords’ Alliance.

Dagult Neverember

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