Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 7

After clearing out Rezmir’s tower, the party agreed to follow Snapjaw to the tower used by the members of the Scaly Death tribe that were allowed to live within the castle. There, in the dead of night, they explained the plan to the tribe members and got their agreement to help. The tribe revealed that they had already stockpiled some weapons to use in a planned revolt against the bullywugs. They also made it clear that their fight was primarily with the bullywugs and didn’t hold any ill will toward The Cult of the Dragon. In fact, they were especially fond of Dralmorrer Borngray.

From there, the party headed to the tower being used by many of the lesser ranking cultists for their chambers. They slipped from room to room as most of the occupants slept either dispatching them before they could wake or ambushing them. As the battle in the tower heated up, Agatar let loose a flaming arrow from one of the tower’s windows and the battle for the castle began.

Quickly the party headed back to the courtyard to assist the lizardfolk. A well placed fireball from Laremmi set the bullywug’s chambers ablaze killing many of them instantly. However, many more came streaming out joining the battle. The sounds of fighting echoed chaotically in the night and the loud beating of a drum could be heard from the gate as the guards there sounded the alarm.



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