Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 6

The captured lizard man identified himself as Snapjaw a member of the Scaly Death tribe. He claimed the tribe were servants of the cultists located in Castle Naerytar, a situation they were not happy with since the cult had elevated the bullywugs above the lizardfolk.

As they were talking an uneasy feeling came over the group and they felt as if they were being stalked. Suddenly, an enormous black dragon erupted from the black waters of the mere. Acidic saliva dripped from its maw, sizzling on the ground and water. Menacingly, it declared that it was Voaraghamanthar, the Black Death, Lord of the Mere. After learning that the party was on the trail of the the cultists, Voaraghamanthar proposed an alliance.

The dragon claimed that a high ranking cultists known as a Wearer of Purple had recently rediscovered the nearby castle and claimed to worship Voaraghamanthar. This cultists was none other than the female black half-dragon warrior, Rezmir. It seems that Rezmir discovered two artifacts within the Castle; the Black Dragon Mask and the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder. Voaraghmanthar was displeased at Rezmir’s decision to elevate the bullywugs above the Scaly Death tribe which had always been loyal to the dragon. However, for reason he wouldn’t explain, he could not oppose the cult directly. He asked the party to retrieve the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder and in exchange the dragon would encourage the lizardfolk to rise up against the bullywugs. The dragon also marked Snapjaw as his speaker so that the tribe would follow his lead.

After the dragon slipped back into the water, the party grabbed some nearby canoes and began paddling their way through the mere toward the castle with Snapjaw in tow. Along the way Snapjaw explained that the castle was the home of several cultists as well as many bullywugs and lizardfolk. The bullywugs were lead by a shaman named Pharblex Spattergoo while the lizardfolk’s leader, Sun Caller, had recently been killed by Rezmir. He also explained that the lizarfolk’s main job was to transport treasure from the roadhouse to the castle. From there, the cultists organized and repacked the treasure and moved it into the crypt below the castle. Rezmir’s second in command at the castle was an elf named Dralmorrer Borngray, the one cultist that seemed to sympathize with the lizarfolk, going so far as to try and teach the tribe how to work metal.

Eventually the party reached the castle. First they met with the members of the Scaly Death tribe that lived outside the walls. They convinced the tribe to watch for their sign, a flaming arrow. When seen, the tribe was to rise up against the bullywugs. Meanwhile the party would sneak into the castle disguised as cultists.

The lizardfolk briefed the party on the layout of castle, pointing out towers belonging to Rezmir, Dralmorrer, and Pharblex.

That evening the party headed to the main gate dressed as members of the cult. The gate was heavily guarded by bullywugs and giant frogs, but the ruse worked and they did not confront the infiltrators. From there the party headed to Rezmir’s tower.

The party worked diligently to clear out the tower. Inside they found a shrine to Tiamat, and well stocked library, and Rezmir’s personal chambers. They dealt swiftly and quietly with the cultists that were on guard and explored the rest of the chambers. In the library they recovered the Dark Sermons of Strongor Bonebinder but did not let Snapjaw know. As Belros Dragonsbane explored Rezmir’s personal chambers, he set off a vicious trap that doused himself, Garret, and all the contents in the room in acid, wounding the heroes and destroying anything of value in the room.



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