Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 5

Garret Goodbarrel remained hidden and invisible in the storeroom as around a dozen lizardfolk entered from a secret door in the floor. The lizardfolk set to work inspecting the crates and moving all of those that Bog Luck had marked with an ‘x’ to the tunnel below. Eventually they finished their work and slunk back through the trap door they had entered.

Meanwhile there was a knock on the door to the party’s chamber. Answering it they found the road crew foreman, Aldred Briferhew, looking quite nervous and asking to speak to them. He confessed to lying to them the day before on the road when Garret had asked if any caravans had come from the north. He said that he believed that members of The Cult of the Dragon had infiltrated the roadhouse and the work crews and wasn’t sure who to trust. He also claimed to have heard strange noises coming from the storeroom during the nights after a caravan had arrived. Finally, he told them about rumors of the cult taking over the ancient Castle Naerytar some 2 days travel west from the roadhouse in the Mere of Dead Men.

The party assured Aldred that they would look into the matter. Seeming to be satisfied, Aldred took his leave but was immediately shot down from multiple arrows as he exited the room. Out in the courtyard the half-orc, Bog Luck, and several of the roadhouse crew waited, weapons in hand. There was a fierce battle but the party won out. Investigating the bodies they were able to confirm that they had indeed been attacked by The Cult of the Dragon. They also found a talisman bearing the symbol of Tiamat on the half-orc.

Garret reported what he had seen in the storeroom and the party resolved themselves to descend into the tunnel and track down the lizardfolk who seemed to also be in league with The Cult of the Dragon.

The tunnel traveled to the west for several hundred feet before emerging into the mere. Twisted visitation, black fetid water, and strange bestial noises greeted them. They saw a path through the mere marked ahead and found evidence that a group of lizardfolk had come this way recently.

After a difficult journey they arrived at a small camp just as evening was coming on. About a dozen lizardfolk gathered in the camp organizing the crates taken from the roadhouse. The party ambushed the lizard men, keeping one alive for questioning.



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