Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 3


After rescuing the young girl, Kat, Belros, Laremmi, and Tordek emerged from the Neverwinter Wood. They relayed the story of their adventure and shared some of the considerable treasure they found from the troll’s lair.

The party then continued their journey back to Phandalin with the rescued townsfolk in tow. Along the way many of the travelers expressed unease and claimed to see the green dragon, Venomfang, in the sky. By the third day the unease and the dragon seemed to be gone.

When they arrived in Phandalin they found that Sildar Hallwinter had started organizing the clean up efforts. Around half of the town’s structures had been destroyed in the attack and half its inhabitants had been killed.

The party donated a large sum of money to the safe keeping of Sildar to help rebuild the town and start up the mining operations in Wave Echo Cave. Nundro Rockseeker also pledged to take up the cause of his brother, Gundren, in getting the mine up and running.

Meanwhile Garret Goodbarrel checked in on The Miner’s Exchange and learned that Halia Thornton had been killed in the attack. He also managed to recover a magic ring of protection that he had given her previously.

The party then pledged to head to Thundertree and bring back the head of the dragon that helped destroy the town. Sildar advised them to make a stop at Neverwinter along the way and send a caravan of provisions to the town. He also gave them a sealed letter and told them to seek an audience with Dagult Neverember, The Lord Protector of Neverwinter and Open Lord of Waterdeep as well as a member of The Lords’ Alliance.

On the journey to Neverwinter the party came across a merchant caravan that had been completely wiped out. Evidence at the site indicated that this was also the doing of The Cult of the Dragon.

In Neverwinter, Garret took to the streets to see what he could learn of The Zhentarim. Although he uncovered no solid leads, he did get the impression that folks were uneasy when discussing what he had assumed was simply a merchant guild. The organization was often referred to as The Black Network. He did manage to identify Halia Thornton’s main contact for moving provisions into Phandalin, a dwarf merchant named Hektar Goodpick. Garret struck up a deal with Hektar to set up a delivery of supplies to Phandalin as well as establishing himself as a new middle man between Hektar and the town’s miners.

Meanwhile Belros and the other party members used Sildar’s note to secure an audience with Lord Dagult Neverember who happened to be in Neverwinter at the time. He praised them on their efforts so far to help Phandalin. He confirmed that reports were coming in of other attacks by The Cult of the Dragon. The cult seemed to be well organized and had secured the help of some dragons that had been previously dormant. In each attack they had pillaged the town or village and made off with most of the valuables. Their actual plan had yet to be uncovered however. Lord Neverember also pledged 5 veteran soldiers from the town’s militia to help kill the green dragon.

The party continued to Thundertree. There they found that the druid Reidoth had been killed, apparently by cultists. They headed up the hill to the ruined tower and lair of the green dragon, Venomfang. With help from the soldiers, the party took down the dragon and at least partially avenged Phandalin. They also recovered the dragon’s modest horde. Unfortunately Agatar discovered that they were too late to save his precious horse, Bessie, as it had been eaten by the dragon.


You forgot to mention Belros’ rousing speech to the remaining townsfolk, where he valiantly pledged to avenge their loss and bring back the head of the dreaded Venomfang.

Bards will sing of this feat for ages, immortalizing the legend that is, was, and will continue to be – Belros Dragonsbane!

Tyranny of Dragons: Session 3

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